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Sonoma Cemetery #1 | Civil War & Revolution

Not only does Sonoma produce world class wines, top reviewed restaurants and some of the most beautiful wedding locations, we also have an immensely fascinating cemetery in the foothills overlooking the town.  The Mr. and I frequently walk through the cemetery as we make our way to the Overlook hiking trail, but this time we toted our cameras and really explored just a tip of the property, and there’s so much more to see!

The cemetery boasts “residents” that go all the way back to the American Revolution (1775-1783) and the Civil War (1861-1865) and walking through the plots left us virtually speechless!!

And while I’m sharing local secrets I have another secret that I’ve been keeping from you… My husband, aka The Mr., aka Mike has an amazing photographic eye and we’ve been having lots of fun taking these short photo trips together and you’ll be seeing more of his work in the coming months!  So with that said, I’m going to kick off this 2 part post with his awesome images…


Mare Island | Just For Fun

This past weekend the Mr. and I grabbed a couple cameras and took a short drive to the amazing (and mostly abandoned) Mare Island military shipyard in Vallejo for a just-for-fun photoshoot.

The property is probably the size of Sonoma and it’s one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever driven through and the photographic possibilities are endless!! Gorgeous tree lined streets surround everything from massive abandoned brick warehouses, grand white mansions, frightening apartments with doors swinging in the wind, and grey weapons bunkers just steps away from one of the quaintest little churches you’ve ever seen.  I’m sure we’ll be heading back again because as I’m typing this I’m realizing all the shots I didn’t get a chance to take.

Here are a few favorites:


love the cemetery photos – especially the iron gate! Mike has a great eye : ) The mare island shots are wonderful too! can’t wait for our photoshoot this summer !

$1+ Million Jag | Gold Jimmy Choos

I recently had the fun task of assisting my friend and fellow photographer Douglas Thompson on an amazing fashion-shoot which included a 1.3 million dollar Jaguar, 2 stunning models, boxes of designer shoes and not one but two gorgeous backdrops; Infineon Raceway (Sears Point) and Jacuzzi Winery!  Fashion photography is so different from event photography, so when Doug asked if I could assist even though it would mean the mundane task of bouncing light with a reflector for hours on end, I said YES!

We started at Infineon early in the morning and in typical modeling fashion, we ended up standing around for 2 hours, waiting for the car to arrive and waiting for the models to finish up with hair and makeup.  So what do photographers do while waiting… we photograph stuff and each other!

Once everything was in place, we got started and it was truly fun to participate!  Below are some behind the scene shots, followed up with some of the pro photos.  Let’s start with the “We’re Waiting!” photos:

Me & the Lighting Test

Goofing with Matt

The Car is Arriving!

Last Lighting Test with Me

Gloriously Gold & Sparkly Jimmy Choos!

Gettin' Goofy with More Lighting Tests

It Was a Long Day For This Puppy!

You hear of these stories…  A young, horse riding gal who has never modeled a day in her life until this day when her friend encouraged her to give it a try.

And let me say she didn’t even have to “try”; she was insanely natural!


What fun, Megan! Pretty people, cars and puppy!!!

Wow. What a cool behind the scenes! Like this “Doug on a chair” shot the most!


As all mothers do, my friend Michelle needed a little help multi-tasking the other day and I happily obliged by babysitting Maddie for a short while.  Anyone who asks me to babysit can be sure that I’ll be keeping a close eye over their precious child, most likely with my eye looking through my camera!

With that said, I eventually put down the camera and we had lots of fun playing with toys, exploring outside and just being silly.