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All Work & No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

I recently had a photoshoot at a winery that has been closed for awhile and with new ownership and enthusiastic visions, this grand winery will be opening again soon!  Before I get to the photos of pretty details and sweeping views, I thought it would be fun to share with you the winery’s “quieter” side…

Soaring ceilings, massive stone fireplaces and miles and miles of views was the focus of this photo project but as I walked about, I noticed a trend, a scary trend, reminiscent of The Shining trend.  Mind you when this winery is bustling with visitors and events, this movie would never cross your mind, but as I walked about by myself searching 3 stories trying to find someone in our small group I started noticing the similarities and had a slight moment of chills.


Hacienda de Las Colinas | Wedding Estate

I recently met with my wedding couple Heather and Ray at their amazing Marin wedding site Hacienda de Las Colinas and I’m so excited about their upcoming July wedding!  It has all of the ingredients that I love, stunning location, completely sheik, adorable and easy going couple, and endless nooks for beautiful photos!

See you in July Heather and Ray!

Dancing under the wisteria trellis

The ceremony view

Erika De Leon

Sorry…I know the name is Hacienda de Las Colinas but I meant where can I find the contact details for the venue? If I can reserve this place for my wedding I would love to hire you as my photographer considering your familiarity with the place.


I’ve searched and I can’t find any website for Hacienda de Las Colinas. Here is the contact that I have. Start with Chris.

Chris Flitter

Onsite contact, possibly home owner?
Jan Grant
415 606.4548 (cell)

Sorry it’s a little fuzzy.

Sonoma Farmhouse Wedding | M + C

Call me spoiled but not only do I get to live in this beautiful, bountiful wine country region, but I have cool photographer friends that ask me to tag along every now and then!

My friend Rebecca, fellow photographer extraordinaire and also Sonoma resident wanted some company at last week’s wedding and I was happy to partake.  It turns out that the property is one that I drive by often and always dreamed of seeing up close, so I was thrilled when we pulled into the long driveway.  Enjoy…


Purple flowers! Dog on a dance floor! Looks like my kinda wedding! Beautiful, Megan!

Beautiful! I want to shoot in Sonoma…especially a Farmhouse Wedding!


I’m looking for a venue like this in Sonoma – was this a private venue? If not, would you happen to know the name of it?

Beautiful pics, btw.


Hi Amber! Sorry, it was a private residence…

Kid Cam #2 | Abstract Art

You never know what you might get when you give a kid a camera and I was recently surprised to unfold some very interesting abstract images from some little muchkins.  Actually it was a neat idea.  The wedding couple (Kerry and Sam) gave 4 young kids cameras and said “have fun” and then at the end of the night, I gathered the memory cards and took them with me to edit.  (One of the perks to digital age!)

No one expected much, but as I edited them I started noticing this trend of abstract images and they were so beautiful!  You see, some of the kids were really young and they didn’t understand the concept of standing still while snapping, which in turn produced some neat effects; something I plan to try at my next shoot!  We can always learn from someone young and old…