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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Vol. 4 | Audrey & Stella | The Wedding

Well today is the big day; “The Wedding”!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s series because I know I have.  And just like any real event, there are many festivities, outfits and planning, all of which can be accomplished virtually stress free when you hire such professionals as Audrey & Stella.  Well done ladies!  I […]

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Vol. 3 | Audrey & Stella | The Rehearsal Dinner

Yesterday’s pink feather boas have been stashed away and the bold drinks have been replaced with a more sophisticated glass of Chardonnay.  Welcome to the 3rd series titled “The Rehearsal Dinner”.  (Here is Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed them.) Many thanks to Patrick at The El Dorado Kitchen for allowing us […]

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Vol. 2 | Audrey & Stella | The Bachelorette Party

Yesterday’s “Bridal Shower” was all about pastel cardigans and dainty treats but watch out today because these gals are ready to par-ty!  The makeup is bolder, the hair is bigger and the drinks are stronger!  And let me just say that no bar is complete without a large group of leathered-clad bikers and we were […]

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Vol. 1 | Audrey & Stella | The Bridal Shower

I’m excited to share with you a beautiful photo-shoot series featuring the work of Audrey & Stella, a dynamic duo who will make you look your absolute best for any occasion!  First of all I’ve been recommending these fabulous ladies for a long time and it’s always exciting to get to work beside them!  The […]

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